Watch TV Online with those 5 Best Apps

Want to watch TV online wherever you are? So read on and discover the best apps

Watch TV online and performing other tasks has become much easier, the smartphone is an indispensable tool in our daily lives and through them, we can solve work problems, talk to friends, family and watch unlimited videos at any time of the day 

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When we’re away from home and can’t make it in time to watch our favorite shows, we can use apps to help us with this task. A negative point in our searches is that many applications end up sinning on ads and functionalities that do not work.

With the cell phone, we can download productions to watch offline, but the interesting thing is to watch productions that are often broadcast only on open TV, when searching for the app store we managed to find many applications that help us to synchronize with the TV, after analysis we separated the best apps to watch TV online and enjoy all the programming.

How to watch TV online by app

TV is one of the most used tools to pass the time and watch movies, programs, soap operas, and daily news. With so many options, we are a little confused when looking for the channels and platforms that are most waiting to watch TV online, but with a quick search, we were able to choose the most interesting programs.

The best thing about watching TV online is that we can access them anytime and anywhere using our mobile phones. The device has already become an extension of our own body, hence the ease of using it daily. Below are the best apps with tailored ads that offer great content with easy access for the whole family.

Directv Stream

One of the best online TV platforms has the main live channel programs, movies, series and games available in your subscription, the best thing is that if you don’t want to continue with your plan, just cancel without fines and bureaucracy, there are more than 70 channels including Globo, Band, ESPN and even Sports TV.

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To watch TV online you need to register on the site, click here to be directed, if you prefer to download it through your app store, choose the plan that best suits your profile, complete your registration, and watch for 3 days for free.

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If you are traveling, live programs may vary according to the region you are in, including outside the country. In addition to the live channels, films in releases and series are also available on the platform, as well as sports programs and important games.


This platform has more than 100 live channels to watch TV online completely free, the platform is maintained by advertisers, but the ads that are served in the programs do not interfere with the visualization of the main channels live, the best thing is that you can access it through any device just have internet access, download the app or watch online.

Watch TV Online
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To access your grid, just search your app store and download it, and make a quick registration, it has content for the whole family and you can put together a list of favorite programs. If you enter through the browser, you can access this link and take advantage, the more programs that are favored, the more similar programs will be indicated.

Pluto TV – Live TV and Movies

Pluto TV is a platform to watch TV online completely free of charge, where you can find shows, movies, series, and documentaries whenever you want, it’s a very easy application to use and doesn’t need any registration, just open it and you’ll have access to all programming, to watch live channels just click on the Live TV tab and enjoy the contents.

watch TV online
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If you are interested in any specific content, you can rest assured that the platform has a tab to search for specific content, if you are looking for a series, for example, you can watch all the available episodes one after the other 24 hours a day, the platform is also maintained by ads and to access click here.

Tubi Tv – Tv & Movies

With Tubi Tv, you can watch TV online for free and in high quality, the platform also has commercials that keep the platform up and running without you having to spend a penny more, available on all devices with internet access at the time you want. you want and wherever you are.

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With it you can watch different programs with different categories, from comedy to drama, in addition to the content already available every Friday, new movies are added so that you always have new options to watch daily, click here to be directed to the platform and enjoy all the content.

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Bloomberg TV – Watch TV online

If you want to watch TV online focused on the business world, Bloomberg is the perfect platform for you, along with other broadcasters like FOX Business News and CNBC is one of the preferred channels to watch business content for free in the palm of your hand.

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One of Canal’s main advantages, compared to other broadcasters, is that all its content is available without having to spend more on the company’s website, with it you can access the broadcaster’s live transmissions wherever you are without complications, to have access click here

Did you like the list?

I hope this list can be useful for you to watch TV online and the best programs in any place and time. Watching TV online has become much easier and more practical, after all the transformation that not only the internet has gone through but also the broadcasters have had to go through, everything has changed for the better.

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Before, we couldn’t have access to the programs that were shown on TV with the same ease as today, only at the time they were broadcast or in special retransmissions that were carried out only on special dates. For more information, visit the Estação Tech website and stay up to date with the latest news.