6 options to watch NBA free on your cell phone

Take advantage of the digital experience of streaming and sports websites to watch NBA free wherever you are.

Do you want to watch NBA free but still don’t know where to find platforms with quality broadcasts? Today there are amazing and official streams and websites for you to access and watch the matches of the most important basketball championship in the world.

The fact is that access to broadcasts of sporting events followed the transition to digital, implementing the biggest competitions in the world on large streaming platforms and websites, with free access or subscription plans full of advantages.

The NBA is one of the world’s premier sporting events, a basketball competition that draws fans to consume its live games and related content. You can find matches to watch NBA free or paid on different streams and broadcasters, inside and outside the country.

Today we are going to talk about what we can access for free and enjoy the experience anywhere, whether by cell phone or any device with an internet connection. Read the article until the end and check out where to watch NBA free and with great quality.

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Where to watch NBA free?

Watching the NBA free for many people can mean accessing websites and applications without proof of origin, which can lead to viruses on their devices or filled with advertisements that disrupt the quality of the transmission. But we will show you that this scenario has been changing significantly.

The public is increasingly demanding and digital, looking for a good experience without having to spend a lot for it. Those who offer this facilitated service end up standing out in the market. Among them are the platforms listed below to watch NBA free with official and secure broadcasts. See each one of them and choose yours:


Youtube is the largest video platform in the world, and it has been gaining more and more space in the transmission of live sporting events. A totally free and open streaming for anyone who wants to enter and consume, without the need to register.

watch nba free
Credit: Youtube

Here, it is possible to watch NBA free on several channels aimed at the segment, but we especially highlight the NBA channel , which broadcasts the competition games live daily. In addition to all the programming to let sports lovers know the scores, news and other important and exclusive content of the brand.

You can watch this channel or search for what you like the most on Youtube, but we point out that in addition to all the lives that may be available here, there is also an NBA universe for those who want to follow it all day long, either via the website or the app. of cellphone.

Download: iOS | android


DIRECTV GO is a complete platform for you to watch NBA free, with channels and streaming in one place, waiting for consumers of the best content in sports, entertainment, news, documentaries and much more. The indication of our list is for those who want to have access to different segments, paying only for one application.

watch nba free
Credit: directvgo

But since today we are talking about free access, we leave DIRECTV GO here because streaming offers a 3-day free trial for new users. An option for you to watch NBA free and decide if you want to continue with a paid subscription. Register and enjoy the experience.

Download: iOS | android

NBA League Pass

NBA League Pass is the official streaming of the NBA, the main platform for true fans of basketball and this competition, with the possibility of watching live matches and exclusive content from the brand. All with quality and official.

watch nba free
Credit: NBA

Here you can watch NBA free, as this platform offers a free 7-day trial for anyone who wants to register and try out the features. There are several live games, alternative transmissions, original programs, real-time statistics and whatever you want to enjoy. If you like it, just hire a monthly or annual subscription.

Download: iOS | android


It’s the site for you to watch the NBA free from anywhere, with live games and past matches to watch the moves you can’t follow at the time. This completely free and registration-free platform will provide basketball fans with access to the most important competition information.

watch nba free
Credit: NBAStream.Net

View stats and scores easily, without having to be interrupted by numerous advertisements. In addition, you can choose the team you want to have exclusive news about its ranking and players. Access NBAStream.Net and start watching NBA for free whenever you want.


Sportsurge is another website option to watch NBA free from anywhere and without registration. The platform has all the matches and schedules so you can find out which teams are on air that day and week, watch them live and see the scores of past games.

watch nba free
Credit: sportsurge

It is also an incredible tip for those who enjoy not only basketball, but other sports. A site that could become your favorite when it comes to consuming broadcasts of sporting events around the world.

Betting sites

Betting sites are platforms that are gaining more and more space among sports lovers. Sites that allow users to make guesses about results and actions in games, multiplying the value when they get it right or losing the amount bet if their guess is wrong.

And as a way to keep these users more active to bet and stay longer on these sites, the brands make live matches available in different sports. Here it is possible to watch the NBA for free or for a very low price, like at BETMGM Sports .

watch nba free
Credit: Internet

It is enough for the interested party to enter the website and choose the state of origin, register on the platform with valid data and start enjoying the experience. Enter the site and see which matches will be played, as not all games will be available.

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We hope you enjoyed our tips today. It’s always great to have access to platforms that offer quality and free streaming, allowing more people to consume the sport. Now you can watch NBA free and send this content to a friend to enjoy too!

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